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News: Inform us on key project tenders, mayor tells MCG-14-08-2021



Gurgaon: Mayor Madhu Azad has written to the Gurgaon municipal commissioner, saying that the finance and coordination committee headed by her should be informed about any tender for which the civic body is planning to take approval from the urban local bodies department.
The mayor said that the committee, which also has the deputy mayor and commissioner among other members, should also scrutinise the tenders before they are sent to the department for approvals.
Sources said the mayor and other members of the committee had not been informed about the tender for a new MCG office building that had been floated recently and for which the civic body had sought administrative approval from the Haryana government. Azad and her team were learnt to have expressed displeasure over this.

“It is a reminder that the finance and contracts committee should be informed about the tenders that require administrative and allotment approvals from the urban local bodies department. If the officers are scrutinising the tenders, we should also scrutinise them so as to leave no chance of any irregularity. It has happened earlier also that the public representatives have been kept in the dark while seeking approvals for important projects. The councillors earlier this year had raised the concern and I had also flagged off their concern. But now it has been brought to my notice that certain tenders have been invited without informing the finance and contracts committee,” the letter said. A copy of it has been sent to the urban local bodies department as well.

Azad has also pointed out that the MCG officials had not been informing her and other members of the committee about key tenders and their details. She has reiterated that the MCG commissioner should take note of the concerns raised by her and issue fresh directives to the officials.


“It is important for officials to understand that the mayor and councillors are public representatives. They should know about key development works, tenders and the amount that MCG will spend to get them done. We had raised this concern in one of the House meetings earlier this year,” said Mahesh Dayma, the councillor of ward number 30.

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