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News: Facelift for new sector roads on cards-08-08-2021


Gurgaon: Roads in new sectors are set for a revamp as the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has prepared a plan for maintenance, repairing and augmentation of master and sector-dividing roads in sectors 58 to 115 at a cost of Rs 206 crore.
The authority has divided roads into several categories depending upon their condition — five roads need augmentation and strengthening, in which they will be dug up and built afresh, 13 require special repairs (relaying) and around a dozen others need annual maintenance like filling of potholes or patchwork. Another five roads will be developed as ‘model roads’ with greenery and cycle tracks.
The roads have been divided into these clusters for the purpose of issuing tenders and awarding contracts. “We have put the roads into different categories depending upon the kind of repairs and maintenance required. Some roads need complete overhaul, some need relaying of the top layer and some just require regular maintenance,” said a senior GMDA official. The project will be carried out keeping in mind the traffic flow, he said.

The roads that will be upgraded and strengthened include those dividing sectors 81 and 82, 81A and 82A, 85 and 86, 89 and 90 and the road linking Rampura Chowk to Pataudi Chowk. The revamp is expected to cost Rs 63.6 crore and the process of issuing a tender is underway.

A cluster of five roads will be developed as ‘model roads’ — including the master roads dividing sectors 58 and 59, 60 and 61, 62 and 63, 64 and 65 and 66 and 67 — at a cost of Rs 74.7 crore. A detailed project report is being prepared.

Special repairs will be carried on 13 sector-dividing roads at a cost of over Rs 59.5 crore. These roads include the master roads dividing sectors 62 and 65, 65 and 66, 64 and 67, 82A and 83, 82 and 83, 86 and 90, 93 and 94, 102 and 102A, 103 and 106 and the outer roads of sectors 112 and 114.

The roads which will undergo annual maintenance include those dividing sectors 60 and 63 and 61 and 62, apart from the master roads of sectors 81 to 95 and 99 to 115. Footpaths and drains along these roads will also be revamped. The repairs of these stretches are estimated to cost Rs 8.6 crore.

Residents of new sectors have welcomed the move. “The condition of most of the roads in new sectors is bad and they need immediate repair and maintenance,” said Praveen Sharma, a resident of Sector 65.

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