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News: Outages for hours, relying on DG sets, say BPTP residents-30-07-2021



GURUGRAM: Residents of BPTP Township located in Sector 37D are having a harrowing time due to frequent outages in the society for the past one week.
According to the residents, the power failure continued for hours intermittently during the period, compelling them to rely heavily on the DG set. They said this is not only causing an additional burden on their pockets but is also detrimental to the environment.
Residents further said neither the developer nor the electricity department was willing to address their concern despite repeated pleas.

PK Naithani, president of Park Serene RWA, said, “For the past seven days, we have been facing long hours of outages. Since Friday, there was no power supply for the next 39 hours. Similarly, the power supply was interrupted from 11am on Wednesday which could be restored only around 4.30pm on Thursday. During this time, the power failure not only caused inconvenience to the residents but also contributed immensely to the air and noise pollution as the old DG set kept on roaring and pumping polluting gases to the environment.”

Another resident Sameer Chaddha said on Wednesday, due to heavy rain their society was flooded and since there is a lack of water disposal management, as a result, the power cables are exposed to moisture leading to outages.


Meanwhile, Vipin Yadav, SDO (DHBVN) said, “There was no fault from our side and the disruption could occur due to local fault at the society level.” When contacted, the developer said that the water-logging caused by the unprecedented rain was a result of non-availability of master storm water drainage which was required to be constructed by the authorities concerned.

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