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News: Rd linking Pataudi and Rampura Chk set to be upgraded-29-07-2021


Gurgaon: In a development likely to benefit thousands of residents living along Dwarka Expressway, the Gurgaon Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has invited agencies for strengthening and upgradation work of the road between Rampura Chowk and Pataudi. The road also acts as the dividing road of sectors 81A/82A, 81/82, 85/86, 89/90. According to a development authority official, the stretch has been in a bad shape for a while and requires repairs due to the excess traffic load in the area. Hence, the authority has decided on the upgrade work.
An agency to prepare the detailed project report (DPR) was hired last year and now agencies have been invited for the execution of the project, said sources within GMDA.

“The project is expected to cost Rs 56.98 lakh, and it has to be completed in a time period of 18 months from the time it is allotted,” the official added. The development, however, comes almost two years after the project was initially proposed.

The project was earlier expected to cost around Rs 63 crore but the estimate has been revised. Sources said that the project corridor will have three major junctions and six minor junctions.

It will have a flexible pavement as per the guidelines of the Indian Road Congress and the main carriageway will be 14 metres wide with a service road of 5.5 metres.

GMDA will also be developing a cycle track along the road with a width of 2.5 metres and a 2-metre-wide footpath on both sides of the stretch. The authority has decided to make footpaths and cycle tracks along all new roads and those being repaired.

TOI had earlier reported that the road between Rampura Chowk and Pataudi is currently severely damaged due to inadequate design parameters and increased traffic load.

“As per a Topographic Survey and Traffic Volume Count on this road in addition to the Road Inventory Survey, the potholes & undulations on the road are high due to weak subgrade and sub-base all along the road length and the same need repairs frequently. Even the drain is choked at several points along the road,” the official told TOI.

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