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News: Flood-check plan for Sheetla Mata Road: Divert water to pond-28-07-2021


Gurgaon: To prevent waterlogging on the Sheetla Mata Mandir Road, the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) is planning to divert rainwater to a big natural pond on the temple premises.
Last week, the road was flooded due to the rain and was one of the worst-affected areas with knee-deep water on the stretch.
“On Tuesday, there was minor waterlogging at isolated places on the Sheetla Mata road. We used pumps-cum-suction tanks to take out the water. The situation was under control,” said Tushar Yadav, MCG’s executive engineer.


The plan, accoriding to the MCG officials, is that two high-power capacity motors will be utilised to divert water to the pond. “I, along with my team, went for a visit to the Sheetla Mata road since the area was flooded during the recent incessant rains. The priest of the temple told us about a big pond, which is spread across half an acre of land. We visited the site and resolved that two high power pumps can be deployed to pump out water from the road to this pond. The pond is huge and can accommodate water even if it rains for three days in a row,” said Jitender Garg, MCG joint commissioner, Zone 2.


“Since it is a natural pond, the water will also percolate and help in groundwater recharge. Moreover, we will also make provisions to utilise this supply of water for various purposes,” added Garg.


In a meeting held earlier this week, the MCG officials and councillors discussed a plan to make these pits or small ponds divert water so that it does not accumulate at the waterlogging-prone sites. The idea came after one of the councillors pointed out in the meeting that the Golf Course Road was not affected much by incessant rainfall on July 19 since pits were built there and natural creeks diverted water and prevented waterlogging. MCG is also planning to check the feasibility of making small ponds or pits and creeks across the waterlogging-prone areas in the city.

The joint commissioner said that the visits to the critical sites of the areas under the Zone 2 of the corporation will be done and solutions according to the topography of the area will be given so that the city does not witness the problem of waterlogging during rains.

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