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News: Sewage overflow yet to be resolved for month, allege Ardee City residents-06-06-2021


Residents of Ardee City in Sector 55 said that drainage overflow has become a common sight over the last month and that there has been no resolution despite repeated complaints to the developer and the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG)

Residents alleged on Sunday that the lack of de-silting of drains has led to a blockage and subsequent overflow, following recent spells of rain. They said that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the authorities are not paying any heed to their problems and they have to deal with the unhygienic situation on their own.

Praveen Yadav, president, Ardee City residents’ welfare association (RWA), said that they have been raising the issue for the past three weeks. “The administration is turning a blind eye to this serious problem. We have also taken to social media to highlight the issue as our requests are not been heard. Residents of Block D-2 lane have been left to live with this. We are still wondering how to wake up the department for a permanent solution,” he said.

Anil Haseeja, the vice-president of Ardee Infrastructure Private Limited, on Sunday, refused comment in the matter.

MCG’s chief engineer TL Sharma said that the area falls under the developer’s jurisdiction, but they will get it checked at the earliest. “Though we have started the tendering process and expect monsoon preparedness measures to start by May-end, on-ground work, such as de-silting and clearing of stormwater and sewerage drains, have been started and will be completed within a week. A team will be sent to Ardee city on Monday to check if the master sewerage pipelines are blocked,” he said.

Residents alleged two lanes have turned into breeding grounds for mosquitoes due to overflow and stagnation of waste, with recent spells of rain evoking unbearable stench from the refuse. Besides, the electricity infrastructure is also located in the vicinity of the overflow, with residents fearful of the situation.

Chaitali Mandhotra, an RWA member, said that there are around 300 residents directly impacted by this condition. “We are already struggling with Covid-19 and black fungus, and don’t want another epidemic to strike just due to apathy of the department concerned. Several reminders have gone unheard and residents are fearing to exit their houses,” she said.

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