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M3M Broadway
M3M Broadway

M3M Broadway

Sector - 71, Gurgaon

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One Stop Destination for Eat, Shop, Play.

Designed to evoke a unique experience with cosmopolitan charm. An atmosphere of separation from the chaos of the city and luxury welcomes the unique blend of passions we crave. An architectural masterpiece with grand boulevards, an iconic main street and unobstructed views. Retail trade is getting a makeover. Meet Broadway.


M3M Broadway has been cleverly planned to allow for vertical and horizontal movement and connectivity. It is designed to evoke cosmopolitan charm with its long uninterrupted boulevards, providing unobstructed views of the shops, while transforming the shopping experience into a difficult visual stroll. forget.


High street retail is the next big thing when it comes to the retail industry because of the lucrative opportunities it presents to many target groups. High Street retail has many advantages over brick-and-mortar stores, which is clearly illustrated by the prevailing trend that more and more retailers tend to leave the mall for High Street due to the cost low activity.


The space for the restaurant and the food court is reserved on the 2nd floor, so that your customers can satisfy their taste buds with exotic delicacies from many cuisines around the world. Open-plan terraces with views of the sprawling Gurugram cityscape provide an ideal setting for any dining adventure. Plus, the stunning views and inspiring atmosphere make for a fine dining experience. The shaded outdoor seating in the landscaped area takes the overall dining experience to a whole new level of sensory enjoyment.

Consider the food revolution we are witnessing; the entire F&B portion can be used to generate unexpected profits adrenaline zone Presenting a modern arena with endless excitement. Space for a high-end gym next door, video game area, bowling alley, and more. The ultimate home entertainment center for a unique experience.


The third and fourth floors will be dedicated to clusters of 10 screens, where the whole cinematic experience will be truly immersive. Moviegoers are sure to indulge in retail shopping on the High-Street to complete their experience when visiting an ultra-trendy mixed-use property


Today's offices and commercial spaces require smart use of space, high-quality furniture, high-end furniture, state-of-the-art equipment and appliances, and enough space for conferences, meetings, and meetings. meeting, etc. These features, along with effective floor slabs, should be the hallmarks. of M3M Broadway's Grade "A" office space will occupy the ground floor through the twenty-second floors. Smart access control elevator with a three-height lobby will allow for quick movement. In addition, the office spaces are designed to allow a strategic connection to the commercial district.

The spacious and convenient smart parking space with dedicated drop-off areas will complement the many amenities that M3M Broadway's Grade 'A' office spaces promise to provide.





About Builder:

M3M Group stands for "The Magnificent in the Triad of People, Matter and Money". The company motto is "quality, prompt delivery and excellence". M3M's standout features in the industry are its innovative, unique and unparalleled concepts, multi-dimensional real estate solutions and unprecedented high service standards.

Demonstrating a commitment to developing state-of-the-art real estate masterpieces, M3M strives to attract the best talent in the industry. The company has gained valuable experience in the real estate industry with diverse and complementary talents drawn from a rich network of blue chip intermediaries, financial institutions, and valuable individuals. High net worth and some of the most reputable developers in India.

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