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Emaar Business District 65 (EBD65)
Emaar Business District 65 (EBD65)

Emaar Business District 65 (EBD65)

Golf Course Ext. Road, Gu

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– A unique solution for shopping, dining and meeting.

Amid the ongoing global pandemic, consumer preferences have changed in the real estate market. Emaar Limited understands this change in demand and has developed SCO (Store cum Office) lots to meet this change. These SCO lots will give you a sense of freedom to design and build the space to your liking.

Emaar Business District - 65 (EBD-65) is a business project consisting of pre-established settlements. The total area covered by the project is 5,7354 acres and is owned by Active Promoters Private Limited and Balalaika Builders Private Limited allied with Emaar MGF Land Limited. Located on an extension of the golf course, this project will benefit from direct connectivity to major areas of the city. It also has hospitals and other important facilities within a short distance. By investing in these SCO properties, you will have a vibrant commercial and office space that can be customized to your own taste. You can start a new business or buy plots of land as a family investment. You can rent out properties and generate high income from rent. EBD - 65 is a dynamic business location suitable for offices, restaurants, cafes. EBD will be a single meeting point solution for shopping, dining and socializing.

Emaar Business District 65 (EBD65)


Emaar EBD 65 Features & Specifications

  • The SCO lot starts at 73.5 Sq. m.  to 217.81 Sq m.
  • Mountain. Commercially Owned SCO Lot - Ideal for showrooms, offices and retail chains
  • Beautifully designed SCO course on the golf course extension with great views.
  • A one-of-a-kind marketplace on Golf Course Ext. Street
  • Located in a developed residential and commercial area

Floor Plans

Unit Type Area Price Floor Plans
Floor Type Plan 2 189 sqm view
Floor Type Plan 2 140 and 147 sqm view
Floor Type Plan 2 126 and 172 sqm view
Floor Type Plan 2 74 and 108 sqm view
Floor Type Plan 1 140 and 147 sqm view
Floor Type Plan 1 Corner 218 and 74 sqm view
Floor Type Plan 1 108 and 126 sqm view

About Builder:

Emaar India was founded in 2005 as a luxury property developer in the country. As it expands its strong presence in India with projects spanning Delhi, Gurugram, Lucknow, Jaipur, Chennai, Indore and Mohali, Emaar consistently delivers world-class projects emphasizing skills and its commitment to quality. Emaar's values are reflected in our relentless drive to bring unparalleled quality, innovation and execution to shape dreams.

Project Location

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